Each Bridge to Employment program has common elements, partners, and strategies, but each is tailored to the particular needs of the community. The specific elements of each Bridge to Employment program are developed during a strategic planning session with multiple partners and revised annually in response to a program evaluation.All local BTE programs include four key partners:

  • Local Operating Company
  • Secondary School
  • Institution of Higher Education
  • Community-based Organization

Once partners are engaged, 35- 50 students in their last three years of secondary school are selected for the program. Teachers, the broader secondary school community, and Johnson & Johnson employees act as secondary populations for the program.

Each BTE program is design to address three strategies:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Career Readiness & Exploration
  • Higher Education Exploration & Preparation

While each program is customized to its local community, BTE sites learn from each other and often carry out similar activities. For example, program activities may include:

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Science Laboratories & Applied Learning Projects
  • Curriculum Development & Teacher Externships
  • Camps & Out-of-School Programming
  • Company Tours
  • Guest Lectures
  • Career Coaching
  • Skills Workshops
  • College Preparation & Application Support
  • College Tours & Tasters
  • Dual / Concurrent Enrollment in Higher Education