2020 Global Youth Leadership Council (YLC)

Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360 seek Bridge to Employment (BTE) students to participate on the 2020 global Youth Leadership Council (YLC). The ten-member YLC gives youth a platform to voice their opinions and shape the future of the global BTE program. YLC members will share their experiences and make recommendations to advance BTE student learning, engagement, and retention.
All BTE students are invited to apply. Interested applicants should:

1. Complete the Application Form. Complete the application form, either online using the following link: http://bte.perigeeclients.com/bte-forms/2020ylcapplication/ OR by TYPING all required information, including responses to the short answer questions in the hard copy application provided. Handwritten or incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered. For those completing a hard copy application, please print out and sign the application (or insert an electronic signature). For those applying online, please be sure to include your electronic signature. All applicants should be sure to include a parent/guardian signature.

2. Provide a Resume/CV

3. Submit a Complete Recommendation Form. A recommendation form must be completed from an individual that can assess students’ skills and abilities (BTE site coordinator, teacher, advisor, supervisor, or other professional). To submit online, professional references must visit: http://bte.perigeeclients.com/bte-forms/2020ylcrecform/ ‎

A complete application package can be submitted at any time but must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM EST on Friday, September 27, 2019. Late applications WILL NOT be accepted. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by November 1, 2019.