Awarded: Intercultural Fluency Digital Badges

BTE offers a digital badge in Intercultural Fluency, a set of skills students need to interact with people from other cultures or in environments with cultures different than their own. The badge includes four “sub-competencies” each taught with instruction and a practical activity. These sub-competencies and activities include:

To learn more about these activities or host them yourself, check out Digital Badges in our Student Activity Section.

As of October 9, 2018, the following BTE students have earned a Digital Badge in Intercultural Fluency:

  • Anthony Camacho (BTE-Santa Ana)
  • Leslie Angelica Campos Buendia (BTE-Mexico City)
  • Yeina Kizziz Danara Castro Arriaga (BTE-Yumbo)
  • Mark Coll (BTE-Phoenixville)
  • Elizabeth Cortez Garcia (BTE-Santa Ana)
  • Basimah Curry (BTE-Norristown Area)
  • Liel Desa (BTE-Yokneam)
  • Camryn Dobey (BTE-Phoenixville)
  • Santiago Escobar Jojoa (BTE-Yumbo)
  • Nancy Esquivel Simbron (BTE-Mexico City)
  • Olivia Garbett (BTE-Leeds)
  • William Green (BTE-Trenton)
  • Lihi Levy (BTE-Yokneam)
  • Ivy Machaka (BTE-Leeds)
  • Rubens Magri (BTE-High Wycombe)
  • Jaisuan Martinez (BTE-Bound Brook)
  • Maria Rana (BTE-High Wycombe)
  • Emily Rodriguez (BTE-Trenton)
  • Aliyah Saleem (BTE-Bound Brook)
  • Jolisa Tamalii Pati (BTE-Auckland)
  • Emilitza Trujillo (BTE-Norristown Area)
  • Josephine Vili (BTE-Auckland)