BTE is 25+ Years Strong! We invite you to learn more about BTE’s history, as well as the lessons and outcomes from our global experience supporting more than 5,000 young people through the program.

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Over 5,000 students and countless volunteers have participated in BTE during our 25+ years. We collected their stories and distilled lessons from them for the future of the program. Read BTE from the Rearview Mirror: Alumni Perspectives on a College and Career Readiness Program, a study conducted by Amy Detgen at FHI 360. Click the thumbnail below to see the Report.


In 2017, BTE held a contest for the BTE Family to share their story on video. BTE students, alumni, and the rest of the BTE family were invited to tell us their BTE story– how the experience impacted their college, career, and life aspirations.

See the winning videos below!

First place: Rodica from Bucharest

Second place: Jazmin and Dina from New Brunswick

Third place: Nicanor from Panama City