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In September 2013, Johnson & Johnson in partnership with Janssen Romania, Junior Achievement Romania and Carol Davila – University of Medicine & Pharmacy launched the BTE-Bucharest, Romania program for 50 students attending either Gheorghe Lazăr National College or Ion Creangă National College. During the three-year program, BTE students participated in a host of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation activities, including:

  • Academic Tutoring in the areas of math, science, Romanian, and English.
  • Work Readiness Sessions enabled BTE students to learn and demonstrate high-level work readiness skills, such as public speaking, presentation skills, and professionalism.
  • Company Tours & Site Visits showcased various companies, hospitals, organizations, and careers in the health care fields.
  • Career Lectures by Carol Davila representatives on different health care careers, their pathways, and degrees offered at the University.
  • University Tutoring & Admission Support – entrance exam tutoring by Carol Davila University students and faculty, as well as support during the application process.


An independent evaluation of the BTE-Bucharest program found several positive outcomes:

  • 100% of the BTE participants completed the three-year program (50:50 students).
  • BTE students graduated from secondary school in the top 20% of their class.
  • 100% of BTE graduates plan to attend an institution of higher education.
    • 70% of BTE students were accepted to a University Medical School.
  • 20% of BTE students obtained a University scholarship.
  • 90% of BTE students decided to continue their academic studies in Romania.
  • 75% of BTE students plan to pursue a health / science career (vs. 0% in the comparison group).
  • BTE students were more likely (17.1%) to volunteer than the comparison group (2.7%).
  • JA Romania adapted the BTE model for other STEM careers, including careers in the gaming industry. This replication project is being financially supported by Ubisoft – the world’s second largest provider of video games.

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