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The second New Brunswick Bridge to Employment (BTE) program began in 1996 with the formation of a partnership between New Brunswick Public Schools, New Brunswick Tomorrow, and Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters. The BTE grant supported the New Brunswick School-to-Work initiative, a five year plan to bring systemic change to the New Brunswick public schools. The BTE program offered work-based learning experiences for 11th and 12th grade participants, field trips, CPR courses, and opportunities for working with mentors. The BTE partnership also:

  • Established a career center at a local high school;
  • Developed a K-12 Career Development Curriculum; and
  • Collaborated with Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce to create the Educators Institute.


The BTE-New Brunswick program realized the following outcomes and impacts:

  • A K-12 Career Development Curriculum implemented throughout the New Brunswick Public School district.  According to data collected by the BTE program evaluators, students and adults reported an increased awareness of possible career choices.
  • A self-sustaining Career Center at the local high school.  Over 75 percent of high school students used the services offered at the Career Center.
  • BTE students reported awareness of career possibilities in science, technology, and health care fields and talked to career counselors about post-secondary education and training opportunities.